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Why You Should Moisturize Your Protective Style

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

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A common misbelief I often find that clients have is since they are protective styling they don't have to do anything to their hair. FALSE! You should always keep your hair and scalp moisturized even under protective styles. Our hair needs moisture to maintain elasticity, prevent breakage, and split ends. Plus, your style will stay looking fresh longer.

Retain Moisture

Moisture is needed to maintain elasticity in your hair and prevent matting. An added benefit to keeping your hair moisturized in a protective style is the oils from your moisturizer allows your hair to be more pliable. The benefit of having pliable hair is your it allows your protective style to slide out and be easily removed. Also, moisturized hair is softer to the touch.

Prevent Breakage

Even in a protective style, you can cause damage to your hair. Imagine taking your hair out of a protective and instead of long shed hair, short bits and pieces of damaged hair come out in its place. If you had a problem with split ends prior to your protective style and they went un-moisturized chances are they will be worse when you remove the style. Instead of retaining length you now created a larger problem.

Combat Dry Scalp

The last reason to moisturize your protective style is to prevent dry itchy scalp. Dry scalp can be a side effect of dehydration. To prevent dry scalp drink plenty of water and moisturize your scalp with a water-based product.

Hydrating Hair Spritz Recipe:

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