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DIY Crochet Mohawk

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Hey gorgeous! My name is Kia. Welcome to my blog! I'm a natural hair enthusiast turned master cosmetologist. On my site, you can expect business tips, hair tips, product reviews and more! Check back periodically or follow me on IG or Youtube to see what I'm up to.

In this post, I'm going to be sharing all the products I used to achieve my crochet mohawk. If you are anything like me you love a good "get up and go hairstyle." Well, I ran across this Senegalese Twist Mohawk style on Instagram and decided to recreate the look with crochet braids.

This look was super simple and can last 3-4 weeks. Please note this is going to be a slightly more advance technique. If you do not know how to cornrow this tutorial may not be for you but shoot me a DM on IG or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to come up with an alternative technique.

Let's jump right into the style. Items you will need:

DIY Crochet Mohawk

Watch the full tutorial Here

Not a fan of the Senegalese Twist? No Problem! Here are some alternatives.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! I look forward to bringing you more inspiration in the future.

Talk Soon!


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