Transitioning From Corporate America to Full-time Entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 3

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The first thing I did before I transitioned to entrepreneurship was strengthened my relationship with God. I started attending church regularly and reading my devotionals daily.


I also changed my relationship with fear. If it scared me I did it anyway. People often say if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. I couldn't agree more!


Going with the flow becomes a huge part of strengthening your relationship with God. You literally have to take your hands off the wheel and trust that he will guide you. An example would be if your trying to set up a facility to operate your business out of and it keeps falling through... It may not be the time or that may not be the location God wants for you. Stop, Pray, and Wait. The right opportunity will fall in your lap at the right time and it will flow so seamlessly that you'll know it was God's work.

I hope this makes sense and helps inspire you on your journey. Still, need a little more inspo? Check out this video where I tell the story of how God stepped in when I decided to quit my corporate job.

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