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How To Get Your First Braid Clients

Hey gorgeous! My name is Kia. Welcome to my blog! I'm a natural hair enthusiast turned master cosmetologist, hair loss specialist, and a full-time entrepreneur. On my site, you can expect business tips, hair tips, product reviews, and more! Check back periodically or follow me on IG or Youtube to see what I'm up to.

Ok so I know you're probably thinking; Kia, where have you been for the past 15 months. I definitely did not mean to leave you guys hanging. The past few years have been a lot but thats not an excuse. So I apologize for not keeping the blog updated more frequently. Hopefully all of the post after this one will make up for lost time!

Let's jump into these tips!

1. Text your friend group and let them know about your business

-The people you know make the best models and advertisement. You can do your friends hair at a discount rate or for the cost of supplies with the promise that they will tell people who did their hair. Word of mouth works wonders. There is no better advertisement then a woman pleased with her products or services. We tell everyone who compliments us! Even if they didn't ask lol.

2. DM potential clients in your area.

- This means create 2-3 avatar client profiles and understanding your client's interest. Search the hashtags related to what you think your ideal clients like and start reaching out to them and offering your services. I know this is going to be out of your comfort zone but the best things in life are always outside of our comfort zones.

3. Post multiple times a day using relevant hashtags.

- Every week I get new clients to my salon and I always ask, How did you hear about me? Sometimes I get referral from a friend or a google search but majority of the time I hear, "I was looking for a natural hair hairstylist on Instagram" I have used this free platform to my advantage! A little bit of time, patience, and consistency has helped me have regular 4 figure weeks in my business.

If you're enjoying these tips make sure to check out my Youtube channel for more tips like this. I actually made an entire video on this topic so definitely check it out! Save this post for later.

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