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My 2020 Business Intentions

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Hey Gorgeous!

Welcome to my blog (that has a nice little ring to it 🤔). I'm Kia a natural hair enthusiast turn licensed cosmetologist.

A little back story on me...

I quit my corporate job in 2015 and started working from home as an admin assistant. In 2016, I started doing hair in my living room for extra money to shop and travel; little did I know my side hustle would become my main source of income within a year.

In 2017, I put in my notice and enrolled in cosmetology school. At that point I was able to grow my clientele enough to sustain a living.... not a great one but I survived 😅 and I'm grateful 😉. Fast forward I got my license in January of 2019.

From 2016-2019 I was able to serve over 400 ladies with a 50% return client rate. God has been so good to me! You might be asking what does all of this have to do with your 2020 intentions. EVERYTHING!

My Intentions

I have 20 combined personal and business intentions but I will share 5 business intentions in this post. What I've come to realize is that as an entrepreneur you need multiple sources of income. My 2020 intentions mostly involve creating new streams of income. With that being said here are a few of my 2020 business intentions...

  • My favorite intention is creating PASSIVE INCOME. Here are a few ways I plan to achieve this:

  1. I plan to create digital downloads

  2. I plan to rent all of the chairs in my salon (2 available)

  3. I am going to create brand partnerships

  4. Affiliate marketing ex. Amazon

  5. Youtube ads (please feel free to subscribe)

  6. Paparazzi commission

  • Attend a self-development conference

  • Help 100 stylists grow their clientele

  • Publish a blog post once a week

  • Post a Youtube video once a week

Final Thoughts

I'm so extremely excited about this new direction for my business. I love being behind the chair and that isn't going to change but I would like to evolve my business into the digital sphere and reach more people.

This pretty much sums up my post. I hope you'll stay tuned on my journey. Check back here periodically for business updates, hair tips, and more! For more frequent updates connect with me on IG @stylebykiamoneeblog

Talk to you soon!


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