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Tired Yet Determined...

Have you ever been at such a loss for words that you're almost paralyzed with fear of saying the wrong thing? That's been me through the events of 2020 thus far regarding the injustices that plague my community. Instead of fumbling over my words I reached out to my good friend and business partner Mia Powers who is a wife to a husband, mother to a son, sister to a brother, and only daughter to her father to get her thoughts on our countries current climate. Here are her thoughts...

The year of 2020 has been a year of transition, to put it lightly. Managing life during a global pandemic and social distancing from important parts of life have been hard. However, things became even more complex after the hate-filled death of Ahmaud Arbrey.

Throw in intense sadness and simmering rage related to the senseless and preventable death of Breonna Taylor and life became unbearable only 3 months into the year. And to fan the flames of outrage and high racial tensions, the death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality spurred international protests I support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

To say the year has been the longest and most bizarre 6 months to date is an understatement. This year has brought me the most general misery and mental exhaustion I’ve ever experienced. I’m just tired.

Being a Black woman in the United States is exhilarating and hazardous all at the same time. Loving the beauty of our culture and fiercely protecting it is a daily struggle. Walking the thin line of being “woke” and a savvy code switcher is essential to survival. Fearing for the safety and sanity of the Black men and children we send out into a devaluing world is a sharp shooting pain. Navigating professional spaces filled with uninformed white women's tears and well intentions is cumbersome. It’s no wonder so many of us aren’t walking around with undiagnosed PTSD; dissociating and checking out from our current realities. It’s all overwhelming, to say the least.

I’m tired but determined to see change. Which is why I plan to vote to do my part in this fight. Without systemic change, things will continue to be as they always been. Without taking a stand against racism and social injustice, we’re doomed to have the same tragedies repeat themselves. We can’t truly understand the magnitude of effective change without taking the small steps of the process. 

It’s hard to heal from 400 years of oppression when you were just granted the same civil rights as your Caucasian counterparts less than 60 years ago. It’s my hope that my casted vote will limit my beautiful Black children from witnessing the same trauma porn of viral videos displaying Black lives transitioning to the hereafter after pleading for their lives. I can’t be at every protest, read every book, or teach every person. But if I can use my Black voice to create space for others as they try to heal from their experiences while being Black in this country, I will. Cause I’m tired yet determined to do my part.

Yours Truly,

Mia Power

I don't have the answers but we can start by signing petitions to seek justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor at

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